MooBot commands moobot runs on many different servers now. you can see the server chat's in the discord below.
Discord invite:
Bitcoin Address: 3A7eSU3RjGuMDDK6XpsUZAvHv7x76FgkXB (Servers aren't free)
Monero Address: 49aXC8ZatrK4MrQXeSpUGsYk5HKLpeuhTZKMW8MtXuXxhNob8rQQBrkRj471Zv4ZNoCu6teYwsMy42HznLp6grCt1AUDCrW
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MooBot commands (Main commands)

Prefix is ! on every server except, oldfag prefix is !!
!help - Get a help menu
NEW !gas / !biden / !brandon - Get current gas price in a specific town/state. UNITED STATES ONLY! bonus video
NEW !mount - Mount any boat or minecart within 5 blocks of the bot. Warning: Anyone can find the coords of the bot, don't bring it to your base!!!
NEW !dismount - Dismount from the boat or minecart.
NEW !players - ONLY WORKS ON DISCORD - Total number of players and a list of current players online.
NEW !radius - Get all players and coordinates in radius of bot.
NEW !dadjoke / !joke - Get a shitty dad joke.
UPDATED! !top [NUMBER] [nword(s)/playtime/pt/deaths/kills] [hard/soft] - Top players, it is now possible to change the number of players shown.
!messages - Get total messages the bot has saved from a player. (Counting all messages is not supported due to lag)
!wolframalpha/!wa/!math [QUERY] - Get query from WolframAlpha
!linkpreview/!link/!www [URL] - Get title of any website
!curse - Curse a player!
!ban - Ban a player!
!kick - Kick a player!
!mute - Mute a player!
!firstwords - First message the bot has saved from player
!lastwords - Last message the bot has saved from player
!seen - Last time the bot has seen someone online. Also tells you how long someone has been online if they are logged in. (inaccurate if bot has disconnected while they were online)
!firstseen / !jd / !joindate - First time the bot has seen someone online. - NOTE: Any firstseen times after July 10th, 2021, and before December 21st, 2021 have not been saved, and will show the most recent seen time.
!ping - Get ping of yourself or someone else.
!kill / !killbot - Kill the bot.
!time - Time in ticks
!sleep - Tells you if you can sleep or not
!coords - Coords of the bot
!report - Report someone to server moderators for breaking the rules.
!queue - 2b2t queue
!reddit or !reddit (reddit name) (EXAMPLE: "!reddit 2b2t" or "!reddit r/2b2t") - GET latest post from a subreddit (NOW WORKS)
!rules - Rules of the server
!no - NO
!yes - YES
!dupe - dupe an item!
!locate - get someones coords! 100% working 2020
!down - Check if a website is down
!bestping or !bp - Get player with lowest ping.
!worstping or !wp - Get player with highest ping.
!urban or !ud - Get top urban dictionary definition
!discord - Get discord invite for chat bridge and notifications for when 2b2t is restarting.
!playtime or !pt - Get you or someone elses playtime.
!offlinemsg / !om / !offlinemessage / !omsg - Save a message for someone and moobot will send them the message once they are online.
!ignore - prevent someone from !offlinemsging you.
!unignore - allow someone to !offlinemsg you.
!verse or !bible - Get a random bible verse or add a verse at the end of the command!
!kd or !kills or !deaths - currently only works on some servers (5b5t & 9b9t for sure). If you have time, you can submit death message regex in Discord
!ip - find location and isp of an ip or domain.
!dox - find someones "ip"
!nwordcount / !nwords - !nwordcount PLAYER - check how many nwords the player has said. Added for black history month.
!quote - get a random message someone has said!

RusherBot Commands (Commands copied from rusherbot) (Moobot can do most rusherbot commands)

!health - Health and food level of bot
!runtime / !uptime - Uptime of bot (runtime has been disabled due to an exploit re-enabled.)
!online EXAMPLE "!online" - Check how many players are online on a minecraft server.
!y/n - Yes or no
!dice - Roll a die
!savemsg - Save a message to be played back later with !playmsg
!playmsg - Play a message you saved from !savemsg
!iam - Tell the bot who you are
!whois - See who people are
!leak - Leak coords
!gm / !gamemode - Change your gamemode
!infect - infect someone with autisms.
!askgod / !askallah / !askrusher - ask
!give - give someone something
!teleport - teleport!
!back - go back
!suicide - kill yourself
!op - Op yourself or someone else
!tpa - Request teleport to someone
!tphere / !tpahere - Request someone to teleport to you
!tpaccept - Accept a teleport request
!tpdeny - Deny a teleport request
!sethome - Set your home
!home - go to your home
!uuid - Find a minecraft player's uuid (if server is cracked, will only show name)
!execute - start a vote to execute someone, use /kill yes or /kill no to vote.
!bless - bless someone. You are a good person.
!tab - reads tab - Disabled on 9b9t.
!kit - recieve a kit!


None currently


Made using mineflayer.
For suggestions dm moo#0529


Currently moobot is not open source however the website is:
Please help me with my css since I am terrible at frontend!