MooBot commands moobot runs on many different servers now. you can see the server chat's in the discord below.
Discord invite:
Bitcoin Address: 3A7eSU3RjGuMDDK6XpsUZAvHv7x76FgkXB (Servers aren't free)
Monero Address: 49aXC8ZatrK4MrQXeSpUGsYk5HKLpeuhTZKMW8MtXuXxhNob8rQQBrkRj471Zv4ZNoCu6teYwsMy42HznLp6grCt1AUDCrW
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MooBot commands (Main commands)

Prefix is ! on every server except, oldfag prefix is !!
!help - Get a help menu
NEW !messages - Get total messages the bot has saved from a player. (Counting all messages is not supported due to lag)
NEW !top [nword(s)/playtime/pt/deaths/kills] [hard/soft]
NEW !wolframalpha/!wa/!math [QUERY] - Get query from WolframAlpha
NEW !linkpreview/!link/!www [URL] - Get title of any website
NEW !curse - Curse a player!
NEW !ban - Ban a player!
NEW !kick - Kick a player!
NEW !mute - Mute a player!
!firstwords - First message the bot has saved from player
!lastwords - Last message the bot has saved from player
!seen - Last time the bot has seen someone online.
!firstseen / !jd / !joindate - First time the bot has seen someone online. - NOTE: Any firstseen times after July 10th, 2021, and before December 21st, 2021 have not been saved, and will show the most recent seen time.
!ping - Get ping of yourself or someone else.
!kill / !killbot - Kill the bot.
!time - Time in ticks
!sleep - Tells you if you can sleep or not
!coords - Coords of the bot
!report - Report someone to server moderators for breaking the rules.
!queue - 2b2t queue
!reddit or !reddit (reddit name) (EXAMPLE: "!reddit 2b2t" or "!reddit r/2b2t") - GET latest post from a subreddit (NOW WORKS)
!rules - Rules of the server
!no - NO
!yes - YES
!dupe - dupe an item!
!locate - get someones coords! 100% working 2020
!down - Check if a website is down
!bestping or !bp - Get player with lowest ping.
!worstping or !wp - Get player with highest ping.
!urban or !ud - Get top urban dictionary definition
!discord - Get discord invite for chat bridge and notifications for when 2b2t is restarting.
!playtime or !pt - Get you or someone elses playtime.
!offlinemsg / !om / !offlinemessage / !omsg - Save a message for someone and moobot will send them the message once they are online.
!ignore - prevent someone from !offlinemsging you.
!unignore - allow someone to !offlinemsg you.
!verse or !bible - Get a random bible verse or add a verse at the end of the command!
!kd or !kills or !deaths - currently only works on some servers (5b5t & 9b9t for sure). If you have time, you can submit death message regex in Discord
!ip - find location and isp of an ip or domain.
!dox - find someones "ip"
!nwordcount / !nwords - !nwordcount PLAYER - check how many nwords the player has said. Added for black history month.
!quote - get a random message someone has said!

RusherBot Commands (Commands copied from rusherbot) (Moobot can do most rusherbot commands)

!health - Health and food level of bot
!runtime / !uptime - Uptime of bot (runtime has been disabled due to an exploit re-enabled.)
!online EXAMPLE "!online" - Check how many players are online on a minecraft server.
!y/n - Yes or no
!dice - Roll a die
!savemsg - Save a message to be played back later with !playmsg
!playmsg - Play a message you saved from !savemsg
!iam - Tell the bot who you are
!whois - See who people are
!leak - Leak coords
!gm / !gamemode - Change your gamemode
!infect - infect someone with autisms.
!askgod / !askallah / !askrusher - ask
!give - give someone something
!teleport - teleport!
!back - go back
!suicide - kill yourself
!op - Op yourself or someone else
!tpa - Request teleport to someone
!tphere / !tpahere - Request someone to teleport to you
!tpaccept - Accept a teleport request
!tpdeny - Deny a teleport request
!sethome - Set your home
!home - go to your home
!uuid - Find a minecraft player's uuid (if server is cracked, will only show name)
!execute - start a vote to execute someone, use /kill yes or /kill no to vote.
!bless - bless someone. You are a good person.
!tab - reads tab - Disabled on 9b9t.
!kit - recieve a kit!


None currently


Made using mineflayer.
For suggestions dm moo#0529


Currently moobot is not open source however the website is:
Please help me with my css since I am terrible at frontend!